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Earn a North American Degree in China at a Global University

Jilin University – Lambton College

Jilin University-Lambton College (JULC) is a cooperative Sino-foreign education institute affiliated with Jilin University. It is officially approved by the Ministry of Education of China, and it ranks among the top ten Sino-foreign higher-level educational cooperative institutions in China.

Established in 1999, JULC offers undergraduate education and produces well-rounded graduates in the fields of Business Administration and Information Technology. Its North American partners are Northwood University and Central Michigan University in the United States, and Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. In 2013, JULC started a 1+1 Post – graduate program with Central Michigan University in the United States for the Master of Science in Information Systems’ major. The program is officially approved by the Department of Education of Jilin Province.

Here at JULC, we follow the curricula of our partner universities & colleges. Coursework is taught in English by highly qualified teachers and professors. Students can complete all of their undergraduate studies in China, or choose to transfer to our North American partner universities during their studies.


Our Unique Package



Unique teaching system

JULC follows the curricula of our North American partner schools. All courses are instructed in English. JULC courses are taught by top faculty and almost all international teachers come from North America or countries where English is spoken as a first language (the UK, Ireland, Australia etc.).

Flexible study mode

Our students can complete all their undergraduate studies at JULC or choose to transfer to our partner schools in the United States or Canada to complete their studies.

Multicultural learning experience

JULC offers a diverse and vibrant educational experience. Our students can earn a North American degree on a campus that combines the best of Chinese and Western cultures and languages.

Well-rounded students

Our teaching is based on our students’ individual competency, and our alumni make significant achievements not only as excellent students in furthering their studies but also as excellent employees and managers in the professional world.

Globally recognized degrees

Our graduates leave us equipped with globally recognized degrees which serve them well in pursuit of further studies and in the global competitive job market.





 Bachelor Programs




Business Administration


Automotive Industry management

Finance and Banking


International Business


Hospitality Management

Management Information Systems



Bachelor Programs: 2017 -2018 Academic Year: ¥56,000RMB


International students’ dorm fees:

¥6000RMB/Year for one person stay in one bed room


Partner schools


Central Michigan University: www. cmich.edu


Memorial University of Newfoundland: www.mun.ca


Northwood University: www.northwood.edu


About Changchun

Changchun is located in the northeast of China. The total area of Changchun is over 20,000 square kilometers. The city stands at the center of the three northeast provinces of China, Jilin Province, where people speak highly standard mandarin. Changchun is well-known auto city; she has made great contributions to the development of the automobile manufacturing industry in China and is now the largest production base for FAW-Volkswagen.


Changchun is also a famous “city of film” in China; Changchun Film Studio is the cradle of the “New China” film industry, serving as the country’s largest and most comprehensive film production base.


Changchun is one of China’s well-known cities of science and education. There are 40 Universities & Colleges and 20 national key labs in Changchun. Jilin University is one of those universities, founded in 1946; it’s one of the top 10 comprehensive universities in China.


Changchun is a “forest city”, 78% of the city is covered by forest. Crystal moon Lake National Forest Park, studded with 4.3 – square – kilometer lake, has Asia’s largest man-made forests covering a total area of over 100 square kilometers.


Changchun is a warm friendly city. People normally feel touched by the culture of friendship in Changchun.


Changchun is also a modern city, with a modern international airport. You can easily access Changchun by planes, trains and buses. Of course, transportation in the inner city is also very convenient with a light rail as well as buses and taxis.


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